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eARC Bullet Review #1: Sherlock Sam and the Sinister Letters in Bras Basah

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This is not in any way an official book cover.

Sherlock Sam and the Sinister Letters in Bras Basah
by AJ Low

○ i have a physical copy
○ read an e-version, will definitely purchase physical book
● read an e-version, a physical book will be appreciated
○ read an e-version, not interested in its physical book
● a page-turner
● less than 500 pages
○ diverse in any way
○ something’s lacking
○ took me a long time to finish
○ an LMAO read
● i laughed more than a few times
○ it’s j u s t awkward
○ gave me goosebumps
● one of the best books i’ve read
○ painful & sad
○ tear-jerker
○ a roller-coaster of emotions
○ thrilling
○ confusing
○ sooo relatable
○ it is kind of annoying
○ it has a lot of flashbacks
○ it moved me
○ would recommend!
● great even for a reread
● definitely a YAY
○ i’m sorry it’s a NAY
○ it’s between YAY and NAY

What made me read this? 
The fact that it is under Children Fiction and the name “Sherlock” captured me. 

Did I regret reading this?:
I was hesitant at first because this is my first eARC read (approved request) but I chose this over the three other books and no regrets at all!

This is the third book and there’s a high chance I might read the other four! I know everyone reads YA and such but books like these are great for relaxing. Fun fact: I started reading because of Nancy Drew then I liked A Series of Unfortunate Events before reading YAs and such. Reading this book really unleashed the child in me!