Bullet Book Reviews

Bullet Book Review #4: Where She Went

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Where She Went
by Gayle Forman

● i have a physical copy
○ read an e-version, will definitely purchase physical book
○ read an e-version, a physical book will be appreciated
○ read an e-version, not interested in its physical book
○ a page-turner
● less than 500 pages
○ diverse in any way
● something’s lacking
● took me a long time to finish
○ an LMAO read
○ i laughed more than a few times
○ it’s j u s t awkward
● gave me goosebumps
○ one of the best books i’ve read
● painful & sad
○ tear-jerker
○ a roller-coaster of emotions
○ thrilling
○ confusing
○ sooo relatable
● it is kind of annoying
● it has a lot of flashbacks
○ it moved me
○ would recommend!
○ great even for a reread
○ definitely a YAY
○ i’m sorry it’s a NAY
● it’s between YAY and NAY

Favorite character: Adam

It is better than its first book (If I Stay) maybe because it was Adam’s POV and not Mia’s. I really think that If I Stay should just be a chapter on Where She Went, it is so short and so plot-less. But anyway, I finished the duology. I cried on book 1 and gave it 4 stars because of the whole being left alone thing while the book 2 has 4 stars since definitely got me saying “WHYY?!” the whole time. It’s worth your time but if you’re not good with sad, slow stories then it’s not the best pick for you.